Ramsol For Office Hygiene

The past year has transformed office culture.  It’s hard to believe that just 12 months ago, millions of people every day would cram themselves into buses and trains or travel hours by car, to crowd into huge offices teeming with people, and share everything from phone handsets to handrails to kettles with barely a thought for hygiene.  Ignorance, in many ways, was bliss.

We can never go back to that world.  The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has highlighted in brutal fashion the ways in which our old lifestyle left the door wide open for infection to take hold and we’ve all witnessed the fallout on many levels, not least economically.

But it’s not just the threat of future pandemics or new viruses that will inform future hygiene strategy in the workplace.  Over the past 10 months we’ve seen vastly reduced levels of ‘ordinary’ sickness in places like schools and offices where coughs, colds, flu and tummy upsets would ordinarily have resulted in significant absenteeism every year.  It’s proof that hygiene works – and the associated cost savings and increased productivity are outcomes that all employers will be keen to maximise as we work our way out of a major downturn.

So what’s next for office hygiene?

Currently, a national lockdown means that many office workers are at home, zooming from their home offices or producing reports at the kitchen table.  It’s a perfect time for business owners and office managers to reassess their hygiene strategy – especially for smaller businesses without the luxury of contract cleaners or facility management to fall back on.

For those businesses that are essential and therefore still open during lockdown, emphasis on infection control can take its toll on day-to-day operations – again, particularly for those without professional cleaning backup.  It’s vital that these businesses can access simple, effective disinfection systems that remove guesswork and are easy to implement, with no special training or equipment required.

In both scenarios, it’s about looking to the long term and a future where the elevated levels of hygiene vigilance we’ve seen over the past year will simply become the norm.  It’s about finding infection control measures that offer good protection with minimal effort and disruption to business operations – practical systems that integrate effortlessly with existing cleaning routines and that can be sustained indefinitely, without draining resources.

With Ramsol, businesses of all shapes and sizes can access professional quality infection control in a format that’s fast and easy for anyone to use.  For small to medium-sized businesses that don’t have access to contract cleaning, this means securing the same peace of mind as large corporations with professional cleaners coming in every day to eliminate germs.

Ramsol is available in two formats – a 22-litre, pressurised canister and a 500ml spray.  Both deliver a fine mist of alcohol-free disinfectant designed to offer excellent coverage on any surface, with no need to wipe.

Ramsol’s optimised spray density means the mist falls out of suspension in just 10 minutes – all you need to do to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi from your workplace is spray and leave to dry.  The large canisters are ideal for routine large area disinfection on things like hand rails, doors, walls, lifts and furniture while the smaller cans offer a convenient solution for disinfection of personal workspace including phones, computer keyboards, desks and chairs, giving individual employees autonomy over hygiene in the spaces they use most.

Ramsol is 100% portable and totally safe – there’s no power supply needed so no trailing leads, and the system is non-flammable which means it’s safe to use in any setting.  The formulation is safe to use on both hard and soft surfaces and won’t cause textiles and vinyls to fade or perish, as well as being certified food safe which means it’s fine to use in kitchens and break areas.

With the rollout of a vaccination programme underway, the end of this pandemic is in sight.  Although the corporate world will bear the scars for decades to come, we believe better hygiene standards is a positive lesson, albeit learned the hard way.

To find out how Ramsol can make better office hygiene a silver lining, not a cloud, get in touch.

Ramsol spray sanitiser is available in a 500ml aerosol can and a 22 litre canister with optional 4m rubber hose and spray gun. There is also a trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

Please contact us for pricing and any questions that you may have about Ramsol. Volume discounts are available, so please email us at info@ramsoldirect.com for details or call us on 01827 288 266.