Ramsol For Fleets and Logistics

Every cloud has a silver lining, and while many businesses are struggling during this second lockdown, and facing even greater fears about their future survival, others are experiencing unprecedented growth and demand as a result of this new way of life.

For delivery and logistics companies, the pandemic has fuelled a period of intense growth.  As well as a massive hike in essential deliveries of food and groceries, Royal Mail reported a 34% increase in parcel deliveries in the 5 months to August 2020, with 36% of adults admitting that receiving a parcel in the post was the highlight of their day during lockdown.  Online shopping continues to tick boxes on social distancing, convenience and enjoyment when we’re not able to get out and about as normal.

For delivery companies, whether they’re small courier networks or vast global logistics specialists, this uplift in demand has presented some challenges.  As key workers, their personnel were required to keep working, but there were risks.  Prior to the pandemic, delivery drivers and postal workers had hundreds of potential contacts every day – from their colleagues in the distribution centre to the customers on the doorstep or in the receiving bay.  Drivers might not always use the same vehicle each day.  When the pandemic hit, delivery businesses had to take on more drivers quickly, rapidly increasing the potential for contacts or protocol lapses that might result in an outbreak.

A fast, effective solution

For these businesses, the need to manage infection risk was immediate and pressing.  As well as safeguarding health, it was vital to minimise Covid’s impact on their workforces and therefore on their operations.  Infection control was essential to make sure staff felt safe coming to work, and customers felt safe receiving and handling goods.

This meant finding disinfection systems that fit with the practical demands of this fast-paced industry, without compromising on hygiene – and while also being simple to integrate into existing hygiene strategies without the need for outside contractors or specialist training.

Prior to the pandemic, it was common for individual drivers to take responsibility for keeping vehicles clean.  But the threat of SARS-CoV-2 meant managers couldn’t take any chances, resulting in many companies centralising responsibility for the selection and purchasing of disinfectant products, therefore ensuring those products were effective, appropriate and safe.

What are the common challenges of sanitising vans and lorries?

Sanitising the inside of any vehicle can be tricky simply because there are so many different touchpoints, and because vehicle interiors are full of nooks and crannies – it takes a long time to wipe everything down manually, and the margin for error with this method is significant.

For this reason, many logistics companies have gone with spray systems, of which fogging is the most common.  However, it’s not without challenges, since after a vehicle is fogged it must be left for a period of several hours before it’s safe to use again, resulting in loss of revenue and service interruptions.  Fogging systems also require a power supply, which may result in hazardous and awkward trailing leads, or long delays caused by the need to recharge.

How can Ramsol help?

We believe Ramsol offers a perfect disinfection solution for all vehicular applications.  With its pressurised delivery system, Ramsol requires no power supply and is 100% portable, which is a huge advantage for use in busy, often outdoor environments.

Ramsol’s optimised 20-micron spray density means the liquid drops out of suspension in around 8 minutes, so there’s no need for lengthy elimination times – simply spray the vehicle interior thoroughly, leave to dry and it’s ready to use again in no time.  Ramsol is safe, and proven effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses – including SARS-CoV-2 – with all the relevant BS EN certifications for total peace of mind.

Ramsol also comes in two formats which offers incredible versatility.  The 22-litre canister and spray gun is ideal for large scale applications – sanitising entire fleets when they return to the depot at the end of a shift, for example. It’s convenient to use and easy to incorporate into existing hygiene routines with no advanced staff training required.  Meanwhile the 500ml individual spray canisters are ideal for sanitising on the go, which is essential for drivers who handle large volumes of parcels during their working day.  Used together, Ramsol offers a complete solution for vehicle hygiene.

To find out more about how Ramsol works in vehicles, or to discuss your organisation’s unique requirements, contact us.

Ramsol spray sanitiser is available in a 500ml aerosol can and a 22 litre canister with optional 4m rubber hose and spray gun. There is also a trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

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