Ramsol On The Move

From moving goods around the country to ferrying people back and forth to their jobs, transport and logistics are part of the lifeblood of our nation’s economy – and as with all industries, this year the sector has faced some enormous challenges.

First, we had a lockdown that affected different areas of the sector in very different ways.  Public transportation was scaled back in response to the fact that people were staying at home, while a shutdown of retail shops fuelled an explosion in online shopping and subsequent demand for delivery services by Royal Mail and other couriers.  Business travel experienced a massive lull, while in the car business, the second half of the year saw record-breaking sales.

In all these areas of the transport and automotive sector, the months since March have been a steep learning curve in terms of infection control and keeping people on the road while ensuring they were protected from SARS-CoV-2 as they went about their work or leisure.

Key Covid-19 challenges for the transportation sector
Public transport is essential for getting adults to work and children to school – yet with large volumes of people in an enclosed space, vehicles like planes, trains and buses are also one of the highest risk environments in terms of infection.  With high passenger turnover, public transport authorities continue to face some major logistical challenges in terms of how they sanitise these types of vehicles in use, without causing widespread disruption to the services the country needs to get back on its feet.

For logistics companies, a massive uplift in demand has really put the pressure on – how can these businesses ensure that their drivers are protected against infection, primarily as a health concern but also to ensure capacity is maximised at a time of unprecedented need – a need that will only grow as we get closer and closer to Christmas?

And in fleet, car hire and vehicle sales, the same issues continue to arise; how can companies ensure that their vehicle interiors are safely sanitised between uses, offering total confidence to staff and customers, but without incurring huge costs or operational delays?

Sanitising vehicles for public or business use requires convenience, speed and effectiveness – three things Ramsol can provide in abundance.

Sanitising planes, trains and automobiles
Unlike buildings and with the exception of public transport, vehicles are rarely cleaned by external contractors on a day-to-day basis – it’s simply not practical to have a car, van or lorry valeted with the frequency that would be required to combat SARS-CoV-2.  Therefore it’s essential when selecting a sanitisation system that it can be easily and effectively used by drivers or other personnel on the ground, with minimal or no training.

For individual vehicles such as delivery vans or fleet cars, Ramsol’s 500ml canister is an ideal solution – it’s designed to fit in the cup holder of most vehicles, is non-flammable, and allows drivers to sanitise the inside of their lorry, car or van in a matter of minutes with no lengthy drying time or exclusion period, so they can get back on the road safely and quickly.  Hire companies may prefer to use our 22-litre canister, which facilitates sanitisation of multiple vehicles in one session.

Exclusion time is one of the biggest challenges facing public transportation vehicles, due to the rapid turnarounds required and the cost of any downtime.  Inside an aircraft cabin, a train or even a bus, there are many square metres of surface to be sanitised, as well as a mixture of hard and soft surfaces, which makes disinfection a challenge.  Fogging systems offer the kind of comprehensive germ kill required to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 in these environments, but they also have some major drawbacks, starting with the fact that a vehicle might be out of commission for a period of several hours after it is fogged.  This can cause major delays, and significant costs.

Planes and trains are also tricky to sanitise on a practical level because most fogging or spray disinfectant systems require a power supply.  When used in large areas, this presents one of two common challenges:  either the operator has to contend with trailing leads as he or she moves through the cabin and between carriages, or has to stop working at regular intervals to recharge a battery-operated gun – both of which can lead to potential hazards and expensive delays.

Simple, effective vehicle disinfection
Ramsol provides a convenient and effective solution to all these challenges.  Our 22-litre pressurised canister provides up to 1000m2 of coverage in a single application with no power supply and no batteries requires.  The system is non-flammable, so it’s safe to use in high risk areas including aviation and underground rail networks.  Ramsol has a ten-minute elimination period – a fraction of the hours associated with fogging – thanks to a carefully-engineered spray density.  Ramsol’s 20-micron droplets get into all those hard-to-reach areas effectively, but unlike the much finer spray generated by fogging, they also fall out of suspension much more quickly, so vehicles are ready to welcome more passengers in a matter of minutes.

Last but by no means least, Ramsol is a highly effective virucidal and bactericidal disinfectant.  The formula complies with key BS EN standards deeming it effective against SARS-CoV-2 and other enveloped viruses as well as common bacteria, mould and yeast.  Laboratory tests show that 99.99% efficacy is achieved in just five minutes, and the spray mist dries in around 7 minutes – so all that’s required is to spray it and leave it for complete peace of mind in any vehicle, any time. Ramsol can revolutionise your approach to vehicle disinfection. Watch here to see its simple application system in action.

Ramsol spray sanitiser is available in a 500ml aerosol can and a 22 litre canister with optional 4m rubber hose and spray gun. There is also a trolley available for the 22 litre canister.

Please contact us for pricing and any questions that you may have about Ramsol. Volume discounts are available, so please email us at info@ramsoldirect.com for details or call us on 01827 288 266.